An Assembly of Higher Realm Support

Blessings Beloveds ~

December is here! Our Sacred Season energies begin to flow.

After a year of accelerated energies and widespread activation of Divine Presence, our Sacred Season provides unprecedented Higher Realm support.

An assembly of energies, harmonics, Masters, Star Families, and Angelics is gathering to escort us through deep transformation during this Divine passage.

We are already in the flow of the ten-year anniversary the 12-12-12 and Solstice (December 21). Gaia is offering clear access to the Master Crystals and Stargate Crystals, which contain the wisdom, methods, and support for utilizing the Ascension energies through the third week of January.

As always, we prepare the physical, mental, and emotional levels for the accelerated spiritual experience. Open your heart and clear your fields for these Sacred experiences in this Now.

Everyone who received the Presence activation – a direct conscious reconnection to the I AM Presence – during this powerful year is provided with a new experience of walking in these realms as a pure conduit. Unshakeable, untouchable Divine LoveLight, Compassion, and Peace.

The vibration of this unified frequency teaches us how to create as ONE unified force of Source. It rapidly dissolves distorted or negative outcomes – both personal and collective.

You may notice RESOLUTION (completion) of the past Self right now, a natural side-effect of the Death of the old Self. Trajectories shift, the old connections drop off, and new trajectories reveal themselves.

All of the activations and new experiences of this year have set us on a new, truly Divine trajectory. Conscious release is key; be sure to journal, meditate, contemplate, and make higher choices while the support for leveling up is strongest.

Video: Star Beings, Contact, and Ascension

Thank you for the lovely responses to the latest video. It’s one of the best conversations I have had about our current process, organic contact, and becoming a conduit of Divine Presence.

If this video resonates with your experience, please share with others who may benefit.

Next Presence Event: SUNday January 1, 2023

Our New Year’s Day Presence event is on a SUNday! We will have a two hour presentation followed by a live SUNday Global Unity Meditation.

Thank you for your patience as I migrate the materials, registration, and web pages to the new design. December’s event will most likely turn into a YouTube livestream to unify us before Solstice. More in the next LightLetter.

Gratitude Code still active
I AM keeping the Gratitude coupon code active through December. Happy Holidays! Take 50% off all $444 courses through December 31 with the code: GRATITUDE

See you in the Field on SUNday

Our meditations have been infused with a strong Divine Cosmic Mother flow in recent weeks. Many conduits have reported this palpable, heart-opening, overwhelmingly beautiful frequency during our sessions.

Please add your light, Presence, and pure intent to the Global SUNday Unity Meditations at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM PST. Details and a free guided meditation download HERE.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

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