A Note on Energetic Intensity

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

I understand that many of us, including myself, are feeling the intensity increasing as May progresses. As I have mentioned before, and will emphasize again so everyone is reminded, we are in a great acceleration of the Shift – especially since the return of the Christ energies began back in March. The ebb between waves is not like before, we are in a steady increase of these photonic amplifications. This means the days in-between gateways/waves is not a drop-off as it used to be, which is why I mentioned grabbing a breather if you could find it early in May.

We are building and managing ever-increasing light quotients on this planet. It is purposeful and you know this. To be conscious of our evolution is a gift; to realize what is occurring, engage with divine will, and choose your experience moment-to-moment is wisdom. Dig into the deeper aspects of what your Higher Levels desire to experience as the body morphs to your intentions. Feel the intensity; guide the body, mind, emotions, ego, spirit through the process day by day. This is why we trained so much for these energies – to be in the Now, knowing what is occurring and consciously participating with our Ascension process.

Note where your attention is focused. Realize just how high of a vibration the level of Christ consciousness is, and what it takes to embody it. It brings about deep cellular rewrites as the crystalline activates in the body. It can be painful, uncomfortable, unusual. Do you feel how challenging the Master’s journeys have been here? Embodiment is challenging. A reminder of what we have said so often: Ascension affects all aspects of your journey – mental, emotional, egoic, spiritual, kharmic, and the physical. It’s not something that is bestowed upon you, it is offered as a possible experience.

Realize this light is a NEW level of divine intensity, and cannot be dismissed as the same old symptoms, or an astrological event, or the collective vibration, or an external program if you desire to level up. It is very personal right now.

FEEL what it is doing for you, showing you. Consciously welcome it, and trust your higher guidance with the moment-to-moment activations. More people are feeling the unexpected and the unknown as the energies increase. It is a great litmus test for where you are at with your process. Apply your knowledge, listen to your higher wisdom. Feel the LOVE of it, the divine love of Source realigning everything to its command for divine order. The mind cannot control or comprehend what is occurring here. You can only appease the mind-level for a limited time in this evolution. Let the higher wisdom operating through the heart center dominate the process. Whether it feel ecstatic, good, bad, awful, weird, or overwhelming, All is beyond well.

In love, light and service,

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