Telesummits, Podcasts and Online Events with Sandra

Blessings Beloved ~

Thank you for requesting a telesummit/podcast/online event with me! In order to serve our online communities, I have put together some new details on co-creating successful online events:

1. I send out a weekly Newsletter to my Light Tribe of 20,000. I do not send stand-alone emails for individual events.

2. The Newsletter has a section for events, with all scheduled upcoming events listed for the year. Your event goes in as soon as scheduled.

3. A special graphic for your event would be highlighted in the Newsletter two weeks before the event. If you provide a graphic that is 600 px x 250 px, and is not on a black background (we don’t do black) I can use your branded graphic.

4. My current headshot, bio, product offering and topic will be provided. Please do not use old photos, bios, class descriptions or logos.

5. In order to serve as many requests as possible, I book with one week in between online events.

6. I do stand-alone posts of events to social media on twitter, instagram and facebook. I appreciate when hosts acknowledge them and interact with the Tribe before/after the event.

7. I do not sign contracts. An email agreement is enough.

8. If we connect for our event via Zoom or video, I appreciate being able to post our conversation to youtube. For podcasts, I appreciate the opportunity to create a video version of the recording with beautiful images. Please send me the video or mp3 after our connection for this purpose.

If you are new to the Ascension conversation or my material, please review a few of my articles on this website, or watch a few videos. Our conversation should match this level of awakening; I don’t cover basic What is Ascension and awakening topics any longer.

Suggested topic focus for 2019:

Crystalline DNA
Wayshower Empowerment
The Embodiment Phase of Ascension
Modern Day Mastery
Mount Shasta, Gatekeeping and the Galactics

I AM an open conduit, so we can discuss anything you desire about the Ascension process.

Telesummit Product Offerings:

I run an 80% free, donation-based operation (2019 is my 20-year anniversary of providing content!) I don’t create special individual packages for online events. I have wonderful online classes for event producers who desire product for sales purposes:

Ascension Path Foundations: a year-long deeply comprehensive online class in everything Ascension. $444, discounted to $222 for online events. Good if your audience is new to my work.
Wayshower Empowerment: A new year-long class to support Divine Service work in any area. $333, discounted to $222 for online events.

I provide a unique coupon code for your sales and unique url link, which links to a page with instructions for purchasers about how to use their coupon. You run sales and send purchasers an email (I will send the text) with the coupon code, url and instructions. Sales split 50/50 after paypal fees. Please limit the run of our special offering to six months. Coupons will expire after that window.

I hope this helps as we move into an exciting (and busy!) passage of our global awakening. Infinite Love to you for your service and intentions to assist the collective!

In Love, Light and Service,