Recommendations from Beloved HUmans

Sometimes we find or meet someone that we click/ connect with. Everything you write, say and do resonates with me very strongly. I love your unwavering commitment to what you are doing. I am humbled with what you put yourself through and what your sacrifices to do the incredible work that you do. The 5D world, dimensions and energies fascinates me and I look forward to experiencing it. And Sandra, the more I have watched your videos and listened to you I have grown to love you as a person/ being. I expect many people write the same to you. You exude love and it is such a lovely experience to feel it through the net. – Trevor, USA

Sandra’s depth of knowledge and incredible delivery – including a wonderful sense of humor – make this course understandable for the novice as well as the expert. I am grateful for her Divine Guidance on the journey towards ascension. – G.L.

I wanted to take the opportunity to express my utmost gratitude for your guidance and way-leading through this ascension process. Working through the modules has been highly comforting and resonant for me, and the video on star gates and portals really just sent chills up and down my spine. I feel wholly comforted in this process of spiritual growth and self-realization; surrender is easier every day. Thank you from my heart center for being a wayshower. Your work has helped me to find my way, my comfort, my self more and more each day. – S.A., USA

As 2012 drew to a close and 2013 was ushered in, I was watching the timeline video. Talk about synchronicity! I was so moved by your transparency and sharing. The course is so helpful, it puts things in such a powerful perspective, is such a blessing to me. To think and hear of your struggle to manifest all the many pieces of the e-course puzzle, to create the course with your intention, to hear how many barriers you transcended in various ways to make this available to me and to all who have opened to receive it… well, words just fail, really, to capture my awe and respect and deep appreciation. THANK YOU for pushing through and doing the course and making all this info so clear and so utilizable. The course is so helpful. It provides anchors of “truth” which is very powerful when set against various illusions. Please receive my deep appreciation – Kristin, USA

Talk about a great PATHWAY TO AWAKENING! My way of getting the information I needed was not working: blogs, websites, and searches. Too many theories, too much conflicting information, too overwhelming. I needed a better way to figure out what was really going on on this planet and how I could be readied for the energetic changes and opportunities that would be presenting in this miraculous of times 2012. I needed a crash course from a teacher I could trust, someone who was living the experience. Sandra and her course have surpassed all my expectations. Sandra is down to earth, unpretentious, and, frankly, genius. Thank you, SANDRA, for being such AN AMAZING WAYSHOWER!!! – N.D., USA

thank You for this course…it encompasses a huge range of information from all areas of metaphysics as well as sage advice on ascension …. wonderfully put together. – L.S., AUS

Just signed up this morning and completed my first module. The information is exactly what I have been looking for and helps me tremendously in my understanding. I am so excited about life in the higher dimensional embodiment that I have imagined for so long now. Thank you and Blessings to you for your sharing.

Participating in Sandra’s Ascension Course is the best investment of my energy I could have possibly made at this stage of our extraordinary journey. It has assisted me in understanding the bigger picture, heightened my awareness and connection to all that is and given me clarity and peace in so many ways. It’s also heaps of fun. Thank you Sandra. -K.C., NZ

I don’t know where to start with commenting on the value of this course – it is so completely full of intel and wisdom from start to finish. The information in the course is life-changing and inspiring, and Sandra’s natural candour and feet-on-the-ground delivery make it very accessible, even for those who may be new to the Ascension path. It has answered many, many questions for me, and inspired me to take even more command of my life stream and connection with source. Divine. -L.D., UK

Sandra is a special person who can help you connect with your higher self and provide a broad perspective on the wonders you are experiencing and help put them all into context. Essential for all of those engaged in Ascension at this time.

Sandra has a no BS approach that really gets to the heart of the matter and completely re-frames or re-informs any issue. She is extremely easy to talk to, open, honest and calm. The fact that she is genuinely walking the walk of everything she advises makes her perspective a rare find in the world of New Paradigm services at the moment. Highly recommend her, and trust her completely. I am extremely thankful every day, that I was drawn to her website this year. Thank you Sandra.

“Sandra’s direct, clear, informative yet very down-to-Earth and friendly manner is exciting and inspired!  I have moved up with the new frequencies and am enjoying a more ease filled loving/accepting state of being that feels more like myself…my true self…more is happening as I continue to allow and openly embrace the pathway I AM/WE ARE!”  -Nancy H., USA

“Thank you so much for everything you have shared with me. I truly feel that I am about to embark on a very different phase of my journey – into self-love and empowerment…” -SB, Scotland

“This woman knows her Shift.” – R.Exton, USA

“Thank you Sandra, for living your life as an example. We all admire the work you do and the encouragement that you give to us all. Thank you for helping us dream bigger and for inspiring us week after week.” – H. P., UK

“Sandra has a no BS approach that really gets to the heart of the matter and completely re-frames or re-informs any issue. She is extremely easy to talk to, open, honest and calm. The fact that she is genuinely walking the walk of everything she advises makes her perspective a rare find in the world of New Paradigm services at the moment. Highly recommend her, and trust her completely. I am extremely thankful every day that I was drawn to her website. Thank you, Sandra.” – L. Dewar, UK

“Whether you need guidance or just want to chat, Sandra is there for you – without question and with love.  I am forever grateful for her guidance and honored to share this lifetime with her. Don’t deprive yourself of the wisdom she can show you.” – S.Galletta, USA

Gorgeous emails from beLOVEd Divine HUmans

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing on with your own personal journey, so that people like me, can receive the most beautiful assistance from you now. I can imagine the difficult times… to be standing in your own power when no one else is, with very little material support and understanding from others…but you are an answer to my prayers. I am taking your course and in such an amazing state of gratitude for being sent your way… because I finally feel like everything that just didn’t quite fit with so many other leaders and teachers…fits with you. I just find it hard not put into words how much resonates with how and what you are sharing! – Amanda

I want to express my gratitude to you for your guidance and wisdom which I found quite recently online- just in the nick of time! Amazing experiences have begun: the sensation of liquid light in the spaces between my cells, the sweetest remembrance and rebirth of self as starlight, like space travel and homecoming all at once, and it has been reassuring to know that I am not going crazy! Thank you for all your work for us all. With great love, Julia

I had to send a note of thanks! I just “stumbled” upon your sample video on you tube and wanted to thank you deeply for your insights and generosity.  I was so impressed by your clarity and presence! I am in bliss right now and feel understood for the first time in my life! I am so excited about the next part of my journey. Thank you for your service and gifts. Enjoy the Ascension! With Love and Light – Chris

I simply want to reach out to you and express my appreciation for the work you are doing. I just discovered you today on youtube, and every word out of your mouth resonates with me and validates the experience I have been having for the past 12 years (but especially since 03-03-03). This may sound naive, but I thought I have been on this journey alone. Thank you again for your message and for explaining the experience I have been having. You are a much better herald of the coming age than I could ever be. Thank you again, Rob

I just watched one of your videos for the first time today. I was watching, laughing, and feeling chills up and down my body because I resonated so deeply with what you were saying. Thank you for communicating the way you do! I absolutely love how you speak with such warmth and direct intention…about very complex things…in such a down to earth way. I really love it! Thank you.  I just had to let you know that you have helped me focus and relax at the same time. Much love to you!! – Amanda