Ascension Path Online Class

ASCENSION PATH is an online training class
unifying Spirituality and Personal Development.


Sandra provides step-by-step guidance through videos,
meditations and printable materials, so you may work at your own pace.

This is a deeply comprehensive, life-transforming experience for all levels of awakening.

“I now have opportunities in my life I could not have had without this class. I can say I haven’t met anyone in my life who has felt as sincere and committed in having my evolution and my expansion at heart, unconditionally, as Sandra. It is that kind of Love that heals.”
– Ima, Italy

Modules include every step of the Ascension Process;
methods, meditations and Mastery Skill tools for each topic:

Gaia, Solaris and The Golden Race
Mastering The Body Consciousness
Multidimensional Structure
Ascension Symptoms, Detox and Activation
Amplifying your Light Body Consciousness
Transmuting the Lower levels of Ego, Mind, Emotion
Heart Coherence and Unconditional Love
Divine Neutrality
Merging with the Higher Self
The Solar Cosmic Christ
Activating the Higher Senses and Pineal
Sacred Space: Clearing, Crystals and Ceremony
Crystalline Consciousness
Sacred Magnetics
Ascension Timelines
Star Family
Gateways and Gridwork
Mission and Divine Service Work
Divine HUman DNA
Aligning with Multidimensional Awareness
5D Transcendence

BONUS: Monthly Connection calls with Sandra!

“This is a profoundly transformational work. Powerful, clear, straight-forward, divine information for the present moment. It assisted me when I needed imediate healing and connection to Source to re-remember who I AM.”
– T.R., Brazil



There’s so much information out there that it can be mind boggling. Sandra’s Ascension class is extremely well designed and you can work at your own pace. Each module is challenging, uplifting and – most of all – filled with love. I AM truly greatful for the dedication of this gifted teacher!
– Brooke, WI, USA

A few tips before you begin:

-This Course is intended to accelerate your Ascension by providing details, clarity, tools and guidance on the Ascension process. It is not a beginner class in spirituality, however we do address the necessary initiation steps in the Ascension Process.
– This Course contains life-transforming concise information and exercises.
– The Course is Light-encoded to accelerate your progress, if you consciously choose to accept the encodements. It is absolutely fine not to accept them.
– Remember YOU are responsible for your own journey. Participation and application of the process is your own responsibility.
– Your access to the Course is active for one year. Annual renewals are $111.
– Starseeds: Read THIS POST about becoming a Divine HUman in this incarnation.

“Talk about a great PATHWAY TO AWAKENING! My way of getting the information I needed was not working: blogs, websites, and searches. I needed a crash course from a teacher I could trust, someone who was living the experience. Sandra and her course have surpassed all my expectations. Sandra is down to earth, and frankly, genius. Thank you, SANDRA, for being such AN AMAZING WAYSHOWER!!!”

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