December 12-14: Sedona Outdoor Activations

Blessings Beloveds ~

Higher guidance has requested unified support for the 12-12 Eclipse amplification point of the Revelation Wave. Strong energies will be flowing through the Stargates.

We will have three mornings of FREE outdoor gatherings in Sedona, Arizona.


Saturday December 12: 8:30AM – 10AM MST (Sedona time)
Unified Gate and Gridkeeper Opening for the 12-12
Please be familiar with Crystalline Gridwork/Gatekeeping for this event.

SUNday December 13: 8:30 -10AM MST
Synchronizing with the Global SUNday Unity Meditation 9:11-9:44AM MST

Monday December 14: 8:30AM – 10AM MST
Solar Eclipse Ceremony (Eclipse peak at 9:13AM MST)


– Outdoors on Cathedral Rock.
– Park in the Back O Beyond parking lot for the Cathedral Rock trailhead.
– The city has recently blocked off most of the additional street parking for that area.
– Carpool (meet at Little Horse trail nearby?) if you know anyone attending.
– Hike up the main trail to the first open area with a view and look left (approximately 1/4 of a mile, where the drum circles and ecstatic dance meet). It’s a large circular platform.


– We will have an open Gate all three days. Clear and prepare yourself for these frequencies as a pure conduit.
– You do not need to RSVP for these gatherings.
– Dress for cooler weather. Check for weather conditions.
– Mobile phones must be OFF during these events. At least in airplane mode, silenced.
– Bring a blanket to sit on, crystals for the grid (you will take them home, leave no trace), a SUNhat and water.
– Allow extra time to park, purchase your parking pass on site, hike up and settle in.
– Connect with others also attending via the facebook event page.
– Additional adventures are on your own schedule and guidance.
– All heart-centered BEings in Divine Service are welcome to attend.
– Social distancing honored; it is a huge outdoor space.

In Love, Light and Service,