Online Courses for Clarity and Support

The Ascension Course

A deeply comprehensive step by step online training class providing clarity on all levels of the Ascension Process. This Course contains over 25 hours of instructional videos, guided meditations and supportive documents. This is a brilliant and transformative journey through the Ascension process with Sandra Walter. More details here


REcovering from Conspiracy: Getting out of the Dark

Next to the dear brothers of the Illuminara and their minions, no group has done more to keep the dark anchored in the collective than the conspiracy followers. As the End Game plans dissolve, the dark clings to its survival by anchoring into the consciousness of Creator-In-Carnate HUmans addicted to the lower-level stimulation of fear. Conspiracy constructs feed on anxiety, survival and egoic notions of payback or punishment. As the Shift accelerates, it becomes clear that any notion of doom or darkness was an illusion. REcovering from the problem-reaction-solution paradigm can be confusing, aggravating or painful for many. Learn how to disengage from these programs and gain the freedom you desire.

Religion Rehab

It can be heartbreaking to learn what was occurring in many religious organizations in the old paradigm. Deception can leave you feeling betrayed, not knowing who or what to believe in anymore. No one needs to be punished or judged for what happened in the past; it is time to heal the damage.  The intention of Religion Rehab is not to convert, preach or teach you another belief system. This course gently moves you through understanding what happened, releasing whatever does not compliment your life at this time and opening your heart to the truth within.

Emotional Clearing

Releasing the beliefs, habits and illusions of the past is KEY to your freedom from the old paradigm. Emotional Clearing is the glass ceiling on the Ascension process. You cannot raise your frequency beyond a certain level if the lower levels of ego, emotion and mind are running the subconscious. Learn how to identify and dissolve fears, beliefs and contracts with your Soul Group and Family Monad. Step out of the kharmic reincarnation constructs and experience something brand new!

Note: There is a 2 hour version of the Emotional Clearing webinar in The Ascension Course.

Lightworker REform

You woke up, you followed every channel, teacher and psychic online, watched every YouTube video you could find on what is a lightworker, then December 2012 came and passed. Gaia ascended with thousands of HUmans on the Ascension path. So why can’t you feel, see, know what is happening without checking the internet? Many Lightworkers rely on external sources for intel, direction or group missions. It’s time to take the next step and get clear on Service to the Light, your role in the Shift and coming out of the spiritual closet.