Aligning with the 2020 Energies: Gateways and Intentions

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[Note: This series of articles are from the Aligning with the 2020 Energies  Ebook.]

The merge of Higher Selves and the lower self is a beautiful process which takes focus, dedication and a wide-open heart. 2020 brings us the strongest light levels of our process. They have already begun to shift our awareness and experience of our own consciousness.

In our dedication to service, we prepare and fine-tune ourselves to receive this New Light with as much ease and grace as possible.

The return of Source-as-Self awareness is a very real, palpable experience for many. It washes away worthiness issues, judgments and stereotypes of the Christed Self of the past. We are creating something brand new, which has not been done before during a planetary Ascension cycle.

Venturing into a new state of awareness is fully supported by the energies in this Now. The light levels will get more intense – in a good way – in 2020. Use the suggestions and guidance in this ebook to fully support personal and collective transformation.

Our Higher levels provide these linear dates as a hearts-up for increased Ascension activity. When we pay attention, we bridge the worlds by becoming a conduit for the Light and higher realms. Much has been accomplished with the New Crystalline Grids; all is in place for spiritual revelation.

Gateways: As always, Unity is the pass-key for stronger influxes and the Global Ascension experience.

Participate in these Gates through ceremony, meditation, prayer, unity and conscious focus on your New, desired reality:

NOW: Align with your Highest intentions for how your personal and collective 2020 will unfold. Timelines continue to divide; choose wisely.

December 4 – 9: Heightened energies begin. Gates open for the 12-12.

December 11: Full Moon at 9:12pm PST: Timeline choices challenged. Stay focused.

December 12: 12-12-12 Gateway. Seven year anniversary of Gaia’s Ascension. A very
strong passage for those who received the Ascension activations on the 12-12-2012.
Gaia unlocks next-level DNA codes for Christ/Crystalline Embodiers. This is the last year
for the activation date sequences (11-11, 12-12, etc.) Align with it Now!

December 21: Solstice at 8:19pm Pacific Time (UTC -8). Birthing the New Self.
Embodiers; expect to be sleepy, dreamy and deep in the cosmic reunion. Timeline and
higher choices amplified. Collective DNA activation. Manifestation of aligned creations.

December 25: Solar Eclipse peak at 9:18pm PST (UTC -8) and New Moon at 9:13pm PST (UTC -8) Next level of Embodiment actualization. Very strong positive Light influx.

January 1- 4: New Year’s transformation Gate: New beginnings are amplified by our collective focus. The 2020 clarity begins to penetrate at a global level. Preparation and vibrational match shows; expect revelation of Embodiment and timeline choice both personally and collectively.

January 10: Lunar eclipse peak at 11:10AM PST (UTC -8). Full Moon at 11:23AM PST. Next-level Freedom Code activation. Solar activity on the rise, reflecting the SUN of God Embodiment. Stabilizing the new consciousness, strong creative energies push for New Earth Now and highest path for Embodiers.

New Cosmic stargates opening January 13.

Every SUNday: Global Unity Meditations at 5:11AM, 8:11AM, 11:11AM PST (UTC – 8)

An Honest Inventory of your Path, right Now.

Most of our collective 2020 timeline choices are already in motion. However, the final 2020 Gateway launch begins December 1 and flows through January 13. Before this heightened energy arrives, give yourself the gift of an honest inventory of your path.

Dream LIMITLESS. If you read this after December 1, do it Now.  The Gate is Open. Ascension reveres heart-based creativity, because that is a foundational aspect of the New Earth realm. Be brave, dear hearts.

The New Light of Bliss is strong medicine which opens the Divine flow of pure creation. Light-ground your highest choices for your journey. Write them down, draw them out, crystal grid your personal and collective intentions. Now.

– What are your highest trajectories, expressions, services or creations for this next phase of your Ascension? What is your unique expression of Source?

– What needs to change, shift, simplify, or be surrendered in order to free yourself for your full expression? Beliefs? Habits? Location? Relationships? Lifestyle? Self-care? Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual alignment?

Use the timeline shifting energies. Move in the direction of those dreams, energetically and physically, Now. Claim your creation, you receive whatever you agree to and focus on during this highly-charged Gateway. These energies AMPLIFY all intentions, providing support for free will choice. Be clear and direct with your intentions, feelings and Creator-Self.

No more waiting game. The Gates are open. Drop the stagnant or stuck energies. What higher choices need to be felt and actualized Now in order to express as you choose?

Heart-test: Use the classic Feather and Heart scale. What makes the heart feel light, open, free? It’s not a busy-ness plan, it’s a freedom plan for the Now.

New Earth is a very open, present state of BEingness. Practice visualizing, feeling and actualizing your unique, expansive Self – and the Ascended New Earth – in the Now.

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